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Sour OG

,, $12.00$230.00

This sativa dominate strain literally looks like large grape sized buds that are a nice medium density, and the dark green and bright orange contrast is absolutely beautiful!  With a great tangy taste, very fruity like banana and mango’s.


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Purple Candy

, $12.00$230.00

Purple Candy is one of those indica-dominant crosses that’s good all around, especially for those who need strong relaxing medication. This British Columbian strain is commonly thought to be a cross of BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps, and its large flowers with rich purple coloring and amber hairs support the purple genetics. Purple Candy’s frosty buds will leave your hands sticky, much like normal candy, but instead of a sugar rush it will provide some happy sativa effects. The sensation will settle into a full body buzz that may leave you lazy and ready for bed. Sugary-sweet in scent and taste, Purple Candy will have you thinking of your favorite grape-flavored treat.

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OG Kush

, $12.00$230.00

OG Kush is a very medicinal holistic strain, and perfectly balanced hybrid at 50/50. When you smoke you get the perfect relaxation while remaining perfectly focused and grounded. OG Kush helps with many aligments such as  Gastrointestianl issues, ADD, Alcholism, Arthritis, Cancer, Deppression, Epilepsy, Galucoma, Headaches & Migraines, Insomnia, MS and so much more.  Has a nice sweet piney smell to it.

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Blue Gold

, $6.00$240.00

Blue Gold is a powerful Indica mothered by God Bud and Blueberry. If you’re looking for an Indica, this is the definition of an Indica. We got really luck with finding this pound of Blue Gold – this is top shelf AAAA PRIMO GOODNESS!

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Cadillac Kush

, $6.00$240.00

Cadillac  is a heavy hybrid strain that is popular among users seeking true body relaxation and pain relief without the spacey cerebral effects common to more sativa-heavy hybrids. Depending on tolerance, this strain can be a bit of a “creeper,” but when its effects do hit, they tend to be calming, body-soothing, and may lead to some restful sleep. Buds are deep greens with plenty of orange hairs, making for some very pretty flowers. The aroma, too, is pleasant – mild and like a sweet perfume.

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K Bomb

, $6.00$240.00

K Bomb is renowned for it’s flavor and potency, and both are in plentiful supply here! The flavor has a distinctive citrus kick with a classic diesel fuel background. The high comes on thick and fast and offers the best traits of its Sativa and Indica lineage, starting off with an awe inspiring head buzz quickly followed by a strong and deep body stone. This strain is perfect for day or night time use, great for treating pain, stress and anxiety. If you are looking for a strain to help with pain but not put you to sleep then you have come to the right place!!

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Purple White Lightning

, $6.00$240.00

Tasting of fruit and spice, Purple Lightning is an Indica dominant hybrid that is loved by many for its perfect blend of cerebral and physical effects. Numbing both the body and mind, the strain has many medical applications ranging from calming nausea to pain, anxiety and stress relief. Though users should be wary, especially newer patients, as this strain can easily leave one in a very dazed and disoriented state

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Yoda OG

, $6.00$240.00

Yoda OG, a descendant of the legendary OG Kush, is an indica-dominant strain that induces heavy relaxation of the mind and body. This strain boasts its OG genetics with chunky pale buds, a tangle of orange hairs, and a pungent citrus aroma. Its sedating, euphoric effects make it a popular medicine for anxiety and insomnia, and it also provides an extra kick to the appetite. Seasoned consumers may be able to withstand its heaviness during the day, but Yoda OG is most popularly chosen for nighttime consumption.

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Triple Threat

, $6.00$240.00

This creatively bred strain was imagined as a tribute to three great strains created by legendary breeders The Brothers Grimm. An Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 cross (also known as Eclipse) was bred with Cinderella 99 to create this fruity triple threat.

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Deep Purple

, $6.00$230.00

Deep Purple from TGA Genetics was created to include the best traits from Purple Urkle and Querkle, and to bring out more of that incredible grape taste.  A strong indica high, Deep Purple is calming and relaxing.

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, $6.00$230.00

The Nebula marijuana strain was bred by Paradise Seeds in 1996. Its name means “Starcloud” and it has been known to “twinkle” with THC coating, with a head and body buzz described as intense and almost psychedelic. The buds have been known to smell and taste like honey.

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The Buddha’s Sister House of Cannabis is a medical cannabis dispensary that offers mail order marijuana in Canada. We are a not for profit corporation located in West Vancouver, British Columbia that is dedicated to providing natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Our goal is to bring patients who deal with a variety of physical and mental health conditions, a sense of wellness again. On our website you can buy cannabis online in Canada in a number of strains, find medical marijuana edibles online and buy cannabis oil products. Our professionally trained and educated staff facilitate consultations to work with you to determine the right dosage and form that works best for your health situation.


Marijuana makes for an effective complementary alternative medicine (CAM) to traditional treatments for many types of health conditions and diseases. For cancer, as an example, there is sound evidence from clinical trials that show that when marijuana is smoked or inhaled through a vaporizer, it is highly effective for the relief of nausea, vomiting, neuropathic pain (caused by damaged nerves). Buying weed for chemotherapy such as our strain Kemo Kush for example, is also highly effective in stimulating appetite and relaxing the body after tiring chemo sessions.
Clinical trials of cannabinoids such as CBD have also contributed to slow grow/or the cause of death in certain types of cancer cells as well. This suggests that marijuana can be conducive to reducing the growth and spread of some types of cancer.

Medical marijuana can help with a range of conditions that present persistent and chronic pain, muscle spasms, cachexia, anorexia, weight loss, arthritis, epileptic seizures, depression and anxiety. The conditions listed below are just an example of some of the common conditions medical marijuana can treat:

● Multiple Sclerosis
● Spinal Cord Injury/Disease
● Cancer
● Severe Arthritis
● Epilepsy
● Eating Disorders
● Arthritis
● Auto Accident(s)
● Alzheimer’s Disease
● Brain Injury

● Chronic Pain
● Chronic Nausea
● Colitis
● Crohn’s Disease
● Endometriosis
● Kidney Failure/Dialysis
● Fibromyalgia
● Irritable Bowel Syndrome
● Migraines
● Muscular Dystrophy
● Muscle Spasms

● Muscle Spasms
● Parkinson’s Disease
● Sleep Disorders
● Anxiety
● Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
● Hepatitis C
● Gastrointestinal Disorders
● Back & Neck Problems
● Depression
● Sexual Dysfunction

Available Strains

Purchasing medical cannabis online has never been easier now that you can mail order marijuana in Canada to your front door. At the Buddha Sister’s House of Cannabis, we can provide a variety of helpful medical marijuana strains such as Sativa, Indica and Hybrid strains.

Sativa — This strain has a higher THC ratio to CBD. This means it has a more energizing and stimulating effect which works well if you need to stay awake and alert. This strain affects the mind more rather than the body. It presents uplifting and euphoric feelings as a result when smoked.
Indica — This strain has a higher CBD to THC ratio. CBD doesn’t productive a psychoactive high, therefore it has an anti-anxiety calming effect which is also anti-epileptic. Indica mainly affects the body, working to counteract pain, bodily stress and to induce a restful state.
Hybrid — This strain is a combination of both Sativa and Indica. There are a wide range of cannabis strains that are 50/50 of the two strains or present one strain as being more dominant.

Types of Hybrids

50/50 Hybrids present a strain that balances body and mind relaxation. It can counteract minor pain but mostly works to keep you level.
Sativa-Dominant Hybrids for instance present a cerebral high but also have a relaxing body effect. It provides both physical and mental relief of pressing symptoms.

Indica-Dominant Hybrids are meant to counteract full-body pain but also help to keep you relaxed. This is great for nighttime use to induce sleep or daytime relief for pain. This strain is also particularly useful for countering the effects of autoimmune disorders, sleep disorders and depression.
The Buddha Sister’s House of Cannabis will work with you to determine the most effective strains for your symptoms. We provide education on our products to our customers and a safe place to buy weed online in a secure and discreet manner. Our online weed shop also has an effective shipping and delivery system. We vacuum seal our products to eliminate any scents to also ensure that you receive fresh, highly quality cannabis products.


At The Buddha’s Sister, our number one goal is to ensure a positive and personally-catered experience for each one of our members. We maintain an educated staff trained to provide professional (free) Wellness Consultations in order to recommend the best medicinal cannabis and wellness resources customized to fit each of our member’s individual needs. We want our patients to be educated so that they can make the most informed decisions for their cannabis medication.

We offer only the highest quality medical cannabis products: cannabis flowers, infused edibles, concentrates, extracts and topical lotions are just some of the treatment options we provide. Our dried cannabis flowers and other cannabis products are from compassionate sources, which are experienced in cannabis cultivation, cannabis cooking and cannabis extraction methods. These sources are passionate about the use of cannabis as a medicine and strive to provide the cleanest and best quality product.

At The Buddha’s Sister – House of Cannabis we offer our members a wide range of options in attaining the right medication and an array of different ways to medicate. Our staff is knowledgeable and educated on the various strains and can assist you in finding the right strain that will work best for your own individual and unique need.


  • The Buddhas sister is hands down the best dispensary in Vancouver. Great selection & variety of Strains, I highly recommend “train wreck”. The staff and owners are incredibly knowledgable, really friendly and welcoming. They also have a brilliant selection of books not only about pot but spirituality and self awareness. The medical honey they carry is also wonderful.

    Lulaberry21 -
  • The people at Buddhas are the Best! caring, considerate and knowledgeable … the customer service is first class. Meds are top-notch, with the ones from diamond daves tending to be the finest I have ever sampled. Excellent lounge as well for hanging out, some mood music would be nice. I’ll be back on the next open flight. PB

    PHB -
  • I’m a client who has early onset Parkinson’s and was hit by a truck. From the first hello the staff asked about and listened to my needs within a day I was a member. The next day I made my first order and they made sure I’d call for a deal they have on so that I could get the largest variety of product to sample. Now I have a cream for my muscles, edibles for daily pain, flowers and concentrate for flair ups. They all work so well that instead of a hundred and eighty milligrams of oxycodine three, times a day, I take 20 milligrams a day. I only take that to not suffer withdrawal symptoms. In two months I’ll need none. Buddha’s Sister helped me go from debilitating and brain destructive narcotics to a cream, some edibles and something to smoke. Tina in charge makes it happen. Staff like Zack help find what will help. Anyone who doesn’t go there is either uninformed or foolish.

    Davey Bates -
  • Such a joy to deal with. Recently moved to Nova Scotia yet have been able to arrange to have medicine shipped. Painless and very reliable. Can’t offer a higher recommendation, five stars is all that’s allowed. great products + amazing staff.

    Steve Lesway -