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The Best Strands of Sativa to Improve Your Mood

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In an earlier blog post, we discussed the differences between indica and sativa. Sativa cannabis has a cerebral, uplifting effect. Sativa can give you increased energy and creative inspiration, and can help to relieve the symptoms of mood disorders, depression, ADD, and fatigue. Different strains of sativa have different strengths so it’s important to know your personal tolerance and desired results before committing to a specific strain. Here is some more information about the best mood-elevating strains of sativa available from House of Cannabis:

Green Crack

Green Crack is the best sativa strain for anyone who needs an extra boost of energy. This highly potent form of sativa is known for its energizing effects, making it the ideal cannabis to improve productivity and mental stimulation. Used to treat the symptoms of ADD and fatigue, this tangy, fruit sativa is recommended for daytime use as it can exacerbate sleep problems when used before bed.

Critical Grapefruit

Created by crossing a hybrid strain of cannabis with a fast-flowering sativa, our Critical Grapefruit sativa is the ideal strain for this suffering from chronic headaches and migraines. The happy, energetic effects of Critical Grapefruit can provide you with the stress-relief you need to fight anxiety and emotional tension. The tropical and citrus flavour of Critical Grapefruit combined with its medicinal qualities makes it one of the most popular strains of sativa on the market today.


The AK-48 from House of Cannabis is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that provides long-lasting relief from anxiety and stress. The energizing and uplifting properties of AK-48 have been shown to help with social anxiety and to inspire creativity. With an earthy scent and sweet taste AK-48 is one of the smoothest and most effective sativa strains for restoring energy.

If you need an energy boost or relief from the effects of depression or anxiety, a sativa strain of cannabis for you. At House of Cannabis, we have a number of brands of sativa available for purchase. Our team of cannabis specialists can discuss your health concerns and personal preferences to find the right strain of cannabis for you. For more information about our cannabis products and services, contact us today at House of Cannabis.

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