Best strains of Indica

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In previous blog posts, we’ve discussed the differences between sativa and indica, as well as the best strains of sativa to boost your energy. Now it’s time to talk about the best strains of indica for relaxation and pain relief. Indica has a higher ratio of CBD to THC than sativa, so it’s doesn’t result in a psychoactive high. Because […]

The Best Strands of Sativa to Improve Your Mood

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In an earlier blog post, we discussed the differences between indica and sativa. Sativa cannabis has a cerebral, uplifting effect. Sativa can give you increased energy and creative inspiration, and can help to relieve the symptoms of mood disorders, depression, ADD, and fatigue. Different strains of sativa have different strengths so it’s important to know your personal tolerance and desired […]

The Advantages of Budtenders

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You may have heard the term used once before, but what exactly is a budtender? A budtender works with marijuana in the same way that a bartender works with alcohol. They manage and care for many different strains of weed and they can advise you on which strain would best address your needs. Here is some more information about budtenders […]

The Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains of Cannabis

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You may have heard the terms indica and sativa used in discussions about cannabis, but what do these terms actually mean? Indica and sativa are two different strains of cannabis that each have their own particular medicinal strengths. The terms first appeared in the 18th century, when differences in weed structure and resin production were first observed. It’s important to […]

The National Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association and Positive Uses of Cannabis in Canadian Indigenous Communities

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The National Indigenous Medical Cannabis Association (NIMCA) was officially launched last month in the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. The goal of this organization is to promote and defend the Indigenous relationship to the cannabis plant through education and advocacy. Currently based in Ontario, the organization plans to open chapters across the country so they can be as specific to each community […]

Debating Legalization in Canada and Board of Variance in Vancouver

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This Week in Weed: Highlights of May 16-23 2016 Want to ask your pharmacist about the possible side effects and interactions between cannabis and other prescription medications you may be taking? According to a recent study, only 17 percent of pharmacists in Canada feel prepared to answer your questions. Unnerved by this? For more information on the poll of Canadian pharmacists about […]

Medicinal & Recreational Marijuana: Status of Legalization in USA States


The United States, with twenty four state legal medical marijuana regimes, and four states with legalized recreational marijuana laws, has arguably gone further in normalizing cannabis use than Canada in recent years. This week brought good news for states like California, Oregon, Ohio and Alabama. However, the battle continues in many states to pass even medical marijuana bills, demonstrating the […]

Regulations and Protest

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The City of Vancouver, which recently imposed new regulations on 120+ medical marijuana dispensaries in its jurisdiction, followed up fast on its threat to fine businesses unable to obtain a license and continuing to open after the “drop-dead” date of April 29th. The Buddha’s Sister received its first ticket this morning, Saturday April 30th, for $250. “We will fight […]