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Regulations and Protest

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The City of Vancouver, which recently imposed new regulations on 120+ medical marijuana dispensaries in its jurisdiction, followed up fast on its threat to fine businesses unable to obtain a license and continuing to open after the “drop-dead” date of April 29th. The Buddha’s Sister received its first ticket this morning, Saturday April 30th, for $250.


“We will fight every fine we get,” budtender Zach Stevenson reassured patients in the shop today. Many members stopped in or called to show their support against the city’s arbitrary and discriminatory regulations.


World Cannabis came to help

World Cannabis members Robert Moore, Ron Woodruff and others showed up to support the Buddha’s Sister.


The Buddha’s Sister expects city officials to return again, but will continue opening as long as possible.


“We’ll just take it one day at a time. We really want to stay open and help our patients,” owner Tina told CTV earlier this week.


The dispensary first signaled its intention to continue to provide medication to its patients despite the imposition of sudden and unevenly applied city regulations in a protest organized by World Cannabis at City Hall on April 29th.


World Cannabis activists Darron Rutter and Katelyn Hooge hold signs in front of Vancouver city hall on April 29th. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

World Cannabis activists Darron Rutter and Katelyn Hooge raise signs in front of Vancouver City Hall on April 29th. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)


The Buddha’s Sister was denied a license under new regulations because it is too close to an elementary school (General Gordon), Tina says. However, this school was torn down when the store first opened.


Since then, the Buddha’s Sister has grown to enjoy the support of the community. Patients have in recent days left messages on the storefront windows stating their need and love for their local dispensary (see photo heading).


A patient checks out the city ticket on display on the store's original menu

A patient checks out the city ticket on display on the store’s original menu


The Buddha’s Sister is asking members for a little more help. If you want to keep your local “house of cannabis” open, please consider getting involved in the movement to end cannabis prohibition.


There are many ways to help. You can sign-up in-store for the World Cannabis “Safety Squad” to protest for dispensaries that are raided and shut down unfairly. You can also volunteer statements that we can publish (anonymously if you want) about your experiences with marijuana and your thoughts on Justin Trudeau’s and the City of Vancouver’s legalization process. On Saturday May 7 starting at 10am, you can attend the Global Marijuana March and insist the city keep the Buddha’s Sister and other dispensaries open.  For more information or if you’d like to help volunteer call 1-888-856-2526.


Get your voice out there!


Meanwhile Tina is on the job letting everyone know that the Buddha’s Sister will continue to fight unfair regulations and keep providing medicine to its patients! You can watch her here on CTV:

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