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Budtender 101: Who Are They And How Do They Help?

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The cannabis industry is in full boom and its medical benefits are becoming fully recognized. But not all strains are right for everyone. In order to get the proper benefit and desired effect, you need the strain to match your needs. That’s where a budtender comes in….

You wouldn’t make your own coffee at Starbucks, and you certainly would never go behind the bar and pour your own drinks. The same goes for a medical marijuana dispensary. At a dispensary, whether physical or Online, customers need guidance on what to buy. That’s where a budtender comes in. A Budtender is a professionally trained expert in the field of cannabis.

Research suggests that some 30,000 people are employed in retail cannabis shops in the USA alone, with many assumed to be budtenders.

Here’s more on what they do and how they help each customer get the maximum benefit from their medical cannabis experience:

What does a budtender do?

It is widely accepted in the medical marijuana industry that different strains produce different effects. Both scientific and anecdotal evidence exists to show that different conditions are influenced in different ways depending on what the patient consumes.

The budtender serves as a guide to the offerings of the dispensary. They are experts in the growth, sale, and effects of each different strain as well trends within the medical community and cannabis industry.

If, like many other patients in this new industry, you don’t know where to even start, the budtender can start you off with a simple question: “how do you want to feel”?

The Benefits of a Budtender

It might feel as though a budtender’s main benefits are to the dispensary (i.e., selling more marijuana), but in reality, they are trained to help customers more than anything.

A budtender can:

  • Steer Customers in the Right Direction: At first, a dispensary can feel overwhelming. Most customers don’t even know where to start. As your personal cannabis consultant, the budtender makes the process that much easier.
  • Help Get You the Maximum Benefit: If your goal is to be treated for your condition, you don’t want to take a shot in the dark. Your consultation will determine what is best for your current health and desired outcome.
  • Keep You Safe: The best budtenders will not only have in depth knowledge but also a wealth of personal experience. The last thing we want is for you to have a negative experience with a strain. A budtender can help you by letting you know what the effect will be and knowing how much/what type of strain you should be taking.

At the Buddha’s Sister House of Cannabis, we employ professionally trained experts to help you get the maximum health benefit. Our budtenders will identify what works best for your condition and provide advice on how much you might need and what you can expect. For medical cannabis through the mail, visit us Online! 


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