CookHouse Extracts – Brown Sugar Rosin

, $40.00$70.00

Freshly pressed Brown Sugar rosin with a typical brown sugar look and sweet savory taste, produced by CookHouse Extracts. Brown Sugar is a Indica Hybrid which makes it a great smoke for pain relief, evening socialization, movies, game night, anxiety, and sleep.  If you love flavor in you smoke look no further than this sweet treat!

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CookHouse Extracts – Gorilla Glue #4 Rosin

, $50.00$90.00

Freshly pressed Gorilla Glue #4 rosin with a gorgeous gold color and even small chunks of shatter within the rosin, produced by CookHouse Extracts. Gorilla Glue is a Indica Hybris  which makes it a great smoke for pain relief, evening socialization, movies, game night, anxiety, and sleep. If you are looking for a sweet/sour dab then this is the dab for you!!

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CookHouse Extracts – MK Ultra Rosin

, $60.00$100.00

Freshly pressed MK Ultra rosin with a gorgeous amber/gold color produced by CookHouse Extracts. MK Ultra is a pure indica strain so this rosin holds the same qualities as the flower, a great rosin for pain relief, appetite, and sleep. If you Love dabs like we do you will want this rosin!

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, $90.00

CBD Tears compromise of a concentrated oil that has 341.7mg of CBD, 0.02mg of CBN, and 2mg of THC. The low THC potency does not induce psychoactive effects, and therefore is suitable for daytime and nighttime use. CBD Tears are a viable option for conditions including, but not limited to: epilepsy, chronic pain, nerve pain, arthritis, anxiety, nausea, and even insomnia.

CBD Tears are also a great option for cancer patients. CBD halts the duplication of cancerous cells, as well as inhibits blood flow to cancerous tumours and growths. Patients are intended to begin with the dose of approximately half a grain of rice twice a day. Throughout 90 days, patients are encouraged to ingest approximately 60 grams of oil.

CBD Oil can also be vaporized, applied topically, or ingested sublingually.

Each order includes one syringe.

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Phoenix Tears 450mg THC

, $40.00

1ml of pure THC extract oil @ 450mg THC per 1ml. Total THC = 450mg. Whole-plant cannabis essential oil, extracted into MCT coconut oil as a neutral carrier lipid. Amber in colour, extremely consistent and high quality. Highly sought-after medical product.

Good to Know: MCT Oils are extracted from coconut oil and are extremely easy for your body to digest and immediately make use of. Combined with lecithin, they are simply the most bio-available binding agent for cannabis, maximizing the amount of cannabis that ultimately gets absorbed into the bloodstream per capsule.

 Quite simply, Phoenix Tears are a potent, concentrated form of the cannabis plant.  This therapy is also known as R.S.O (Rick Simpson Oil), Cannabis Cure Oil,  or simply hash oil. Whatever you call it, it is strong medicine that cures most cancers, can treat many disorders/diseases in the body a is quite a good time.
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