Grape Goddess

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Grape Goddess is an amazing AAAA Indica dominant hybrid. The buds are a mix of dark purple and bright green with a thick layer of golden trichromes inside and out giving it a nice glow. The smell is a very heavy grape/skunk aroma  with a slight pine undertone. A great strain for aches and pains, anxiety, appetite, insomnia, getting heavily medicated. The taste is a very intense minty grape, with a very fresh thick smoke. A true goddess for anyone looking for a heavy strain, we suggest taking it lightly if your a new smoker… trust us.

THC: 26.45%

CBD: 1.72%

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Sour OG

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This sativa dominate strain literally looks like large grape sized buds that are a nice medium density, and the dark green and bright orange contrast is absolutely beautiful!  With a great tangy taste, very fruity like banana and mango’s.


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Watermelon Kush

, $12.00$220.00

Watermelon Kush is quite simply a delicious tasting strain. Smells strongly of watermelon and has the taste of sweet grape and pungent kushy undertones.

A good strain for evening or night time use due to her relaxing and almost sedative qualities. If you are struggling to get to sleep in the evening then Watermelon Kush may well be worth considering.

Watermelon Kush is a mild pure indica. That tastes like sweet grapes and watermelon mixed. This medicinal strain provides you with a relaxing, anxiety, depression, tingly, insomnia, stress relief, and pain relief.
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God Bud

, $12.00$220.00

God Bud is a strong indica dominant hybrid with a heavy stone. This strain got the name God bud for the fact that it stands alone atop the indica mountain due to the amazing look, great tastes and fantastic smoke. A good bud for aches and pains, insomnia, appetite, and headaches. Being 100% organic, this God bud has a very clean and flavor filled smoke, the ash a clean paper white and the smoke is the same. The buds are nice,dense, and have some nice red hairs covering them.

THC: 22.64%

CBD: 0.87%

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Green Crack

, $12.00$230.00

Green Crack is a pure sativa strain, know for for its high potency and tendency to induce an energetic state. Green Crack provides strong focus blended with high energy, and is a good marijuana strain for daytime use and productivity. Users report that Green Crack boosts mood and can help relieve fatigue, stress, and depression. The buds have a tangy, fruity smell and flavor redolent of mango. Green Crack has been used by medical marijuana patients to help with anxiety, ADD/ADHD, migraines, bipolar disorder and PTSD. Not recommended for bedtime use as it can induce insomnia.

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Love Potion #1

, $12.00$240.00

Love Potion #1 is a 70% sativa dominant hybrid and 30% indica. Love Potion leaves you energized, giggly, creative, and mentally and physically stimulated and ability to arouse.  Helps with chronic fatigue, chronic stress, anxiety, depression and nausea. It sharpens your senses, increases your creativity and lifts your spirits. Love Potion #1 has a dense bud structure and is neon green with twisted orange hairs covered in white trichomes that are very sticky.  Love Potion #1 has a slight lemony citrus flavor  with a spicy skunk upon exhale. It has a  enjoyable high with 18% THC.

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