Grape Goddess

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Grape Goddess is an amazing AAAA Indica dominant hybrid. The buds are a mix of dark purple and bright green with a thick layer of golden trichromes inside and out giving it a nice glow. The smell is a very heavy grape/skunk aroma  with a slight pine undertone. A great strain for aches and pains, anxiety, appetite, insomnia, getting heavily medicated. The taste is a very intense minty grape, with a very fresh thick smoke. A true goddess for anyone looking for a heavy strain, we suggest taking it lightly if your a new smoker… trust us.

THC: 26.45%

CBD: 1.72%

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Sour OG

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This sativa dominate strain literally looks like large grape sized buds that are a nice medium density, and the dark green and bright orange contrast is absolutely beautiful!  With a great tangy taste, very fruity like banana and mango’s.


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