(BHO) Shatter (INFO)

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Product Description

BHO Shatter from TheBuddhasSister comes in a variety of indica strains. The Butane Hash Oil (BHO) concentrates are vacuum purged to maintain and enhance purity, potency, and flavor. Their shatter is great for dabbing and other vaporization methods. Check with our dispensary to see what indica strains are currently available.


What you’ll need: 

Safety Note: Butane is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE and ALL extractions are to be done OUTDOORS only, doing extractions indoors is extremely dangerous. Butane gas is heavier than air and will pool in low areas. If left to collect butane gas becomes flammable. Wear eye protection, as well as gloves and always keep a fire extinguisher near by. Never smoke and avoid having an open flame around when doing any kind of extraction, even outdoors.


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