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cannabis infused honey

Cannabis Infused Honey (Regular)

Buddha’s Sister Exclusive Infused Honey. Perfect for those looking for an easy way to consume cannabis and get a kick. It can be consumed in different ways. Enjoy them on your toast or in your favorite hot beverages!


Good for Pain Relief, PMS, Headaches, Stress Relief and Sleeping .


Available in Small, Medium, and Large.

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Product Description

When choosing edibles, please be aware that dose depends on many factors including height, weight, tolerance, previous usage, current state of well-being, and health issues. We encourage a care giver to take care of patients requiring more than the recommended dose.

For adult use clients, we also recommend beginning with 1 teaspoon and waiting 1 hour. For patients with higher tolerance begin with 1 tablespoon.

Buddha’s Sister Infused Honey

Ingredients: Honey, Pheonix tears

Comes in 3 different sizes.

Small:$10        Medium:$20       Large:$30

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Small, Medium, Large