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Ice Wreck

We took Ice and blended it with Trainwreck creating our favorite knockout strain “Ice Wreck”. A complete full effect blend of Indica and Sativa traits that is perfect for daytime or night use. Moderately easy to smoke with solid fuzzy buds coated in tiny spindly hairs tightly packed with THC. Be ready to get Ice Wrecked.

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Simply one of the best hybrids out there, Ice wreck is a well balance of Indica and Sativa that just deliver a one of a kind high with equal influence of both. It’s a cross from two of the most prominent strains in the market: Ice and Trainwreck, hence the name. This strain has continued to excel and impress many growers, users, and breeders alike all around the world.

Having both equal amounts of Sativa and Indica in its genes, it incites a certain kind of high that makes you feel uplifted and energized, while your body experiences a mellow and deep relaxed feeling like never before.  It’s a very powerful strain yet it does not totally over power you, unless you ingest a great deal amount of it which will provoke a sense of rebound phenomenon which puts you on the extreme end of the spectrum, will really leave you completely wrecked in case. So never underestimate this humble strain which actually contains a powerful arsenal with a staggering 25% plus, of THC underneath its enticingly majestic buds. Its buds are in average sizes which are dense and laced with small spindly hairs all over and wrapped up with glittering white crystals containing THC.

THC: 27.7mg
CBD: 0.7mg
CBN: 2.1mg

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