OG Afghani

Taking it back to the very roots of cannabis origins, Afghan OG is an original landrace strain that exemplifies all of the qualities that have led to Kush strains becoming so popular. With decent yields, With a well-rounded body high, this genetic legend will show you what cannabis is really about.

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Afghan OG produces a pungent taste and aroma that carries strong, earthy undertones. It induces the potent body stone that Kush is so well known for, working its way through your body, easing it into a state of relaxation as it goes. It is the ideal chill strain, and does well at the end of a hard day, or when you are relaxing with friends at the weekend.
In terms of medical benefit, Afghan OG is thought to help reduce appetite loss, pain, anxiety, insomnia and stress.
If you want to see where all those Kush strains came from, and see a bit of living history, then you can do no better than Afghan OG. Its smooth body stone, succulent flavors and fast growing times will show you what Kush strains are really all about!

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