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100% Organic Special Queen

The smoke from Special Queen is that of a classic skunk stone. Mostly mental, Special Queen provides smokers with an uplifting high that is relaxing, good for anxiety and depression. This product has never touched plastic.

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Special Queen seems sweetly soft, but she has more power than you think. You’ll certainly be feeling her rule all over your body, but you’ll be pleased you fell in line. There’€™s a reason the queen’s subjects are so loyal to her THC-enriched charms.

THC: 19%

CBD 0.03%

Testimonial: “Until today, I had never had a strain that I considered my favorite, nothing special enough.. and I’ve tried dozens. But today I picked this up. This stuff is good, I feel perfect right now, hard to explain. Put me in a good mood and just plain happy, and my body is tingly, nothing overpowering though, which I like. If I smoked more, though, I’d probably get sleepy, but it would feel damn good. Would be pleasant day…”

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