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This batch of Romulan is beautiful! Top shelve Indica Hybrid. Romulan marijuana has a pungent bouquet with strong, earthy notes of pine and the flavor has sweet, spicy tones. It’s high THC content, 18 to 22 percent, and its Afghani Indica genetics mean it delivers a powerful body stone with couchlock highly likely after a few tokes. Medicinally, it can help with chronic pain and stress.

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Despite having some Sativa genetics, Romulan is known to be heavier on the Indica side.

“Considered by many as 75% Indica and only 25% Sativa, Romulan won’t be the complete knock-out strain you would want if you are suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea.”

This makes the Romulan strain popular among patients looking for full-bodied pain relief that lasts and lasts. Coupled with a foggy head high, it’s hard to concentrate on tasks that require attention to detail as this strain will make you feel stoned.

Romulan is frequently used to treat anxiety, stress, chronic aches and pains, stomach issues, PTSD, and lupus. Another benefit of the Romulan strain is that it doesn’t usually make high-tolerance patients that tired.

This strain is most often chosen by those dealing with insomnia and as such should not be used during the day.  Users seeking pain relief often find that Romulan may relieve even some of the worst chronic aches and pains. Others choose it to alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety disorders, depression and various stomach problems.



THC 19% CBD 0.32% CBN 0.46%


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my favorite go to when i’m stressed or just need some wholesome relief.


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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce