white rhino

White Rhino


Potency: Extremely strong medicine! Not for beginners. This batch was especially made to work well as a strong pain reliever. Good Strain For: Intermediate to severe pain, very effective for depression as well, maybe a bit overwhelming for some forms anxiety, works well for OCD. Taste: Very delightful, yet deceiving taste. On the inhale it is like sour patch candy with hints of anise and clove, very sweet and tangy. As you exhale it is very peppery in the throat, not unpleasant at all though, and leaves the tongue and lips slightly numb with a distinct,uber-sweet, anise aftertaste. Smell: Very deep, dank, and pungent. A very complex, almost overwhelming aroma (actually most aspects of this strain, true to its namesake, were quite overwhelming) Looks: This phenotype of the Rhino produced large very dense, extremely crystalline monster buds. Colors ranged from light olive green to some leaves that actually appeared white, but the overall appearance is that of flowers covered in frost and ice after an early snow

THC: 22.86%

CBD: .67%



White Rhino is a popular strain that has India (Indica), Brazil (Sativa), and Afghanistan (Indica) genetics. Although classified as a hybrid, it is definitely Indica-dominant and will effect your entire body accordingly.

Lab tested at 19.4% Total THC and .7% CBD, these condensed buds will make your ailments fade away.

White Rhino creates a dense sweet-tasting smoke that will expand in your lungs, making hits of this medicine much larger than you might first expect. Extremely potent, this strain will put you in a daze and make your entire body feel numbingly high. Inhale enough of this and you will experience full-body couch-lock, making it the perfect strain for pain management as well as relaxing in on lazy nights.

Be careful, we think of this strain as a creeper… as it takes a few minutes for this strain to take full-effect. White Rhino has a sweet, distinct kush after-taste on the exhale sure to make this strain a favorite for any Kush lovers. Not one of the prettiest buds we have ever seen… but they are well cured, well trimmed, and produced one of the strongest smelling odors we have tested in awhile. Especially once the medicine was ground up. It should be no secret why people seem to love, rant, and rave about White Rhino… it’s fantastic.

THC: 22.86%

CBD: .67%

  • “I have been looking for a really, really good Indica for chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia and I must say, this strain is GOOD! It’s smooth (I smoke it) and hits fast! Took about 3-4 good hits and within 5 minutes I was out of pain, all stress gone. My entire body just relaxes. This is my number one go-to cannabis for my chronic pain. If you live with chronic pain like I do, I HIGHLY recommend trying it! :-)”

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce