Y Griega




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 Y Griega or Y for short, is a sativa dominant hybrid highly recommended for specialty smokers due to its extremely large buds and high THC content for a sativa. The buds are dense and have a thick coat of crystals inside and out while sporting a beautiful deep green on the exterior. The intoxicating smell reminding most of fresh pine trees with an hint of lime at the end. The taste is exactly the same, very fresh and piney, leaving all who smoke it wanting more and more.  The effects of this strain are very euphoric and uplifting, having you able to tap into your un-known creative abilities on any given momment. Y griega is truly a strain for those wanting a very strong sativa high on all levels, creative, uplifting, happy, energetic, and stimulating. a perfect strain for those with the blues, loss of energy, and wanting to clear a mental block.
THC: 28.29%
CBD: 1.05%
  • “One of the best strains I’ve ever tried. It’s strong and good for creativity”

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